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The Safest and Most Convenient Way to Sell Your Vehicle!


1. Fill out our easy 3 step form

instant sell your car

2 Accept our Offer


3.Choose a pickup time, we work around your schedule

    If you're not comfortable giving out your address, simply choose the drop off option

 4. We complete the final inspection

sell your car inspection

 5. You hand us the keys and we hand you the cold hard cash!


 Its just that simple!

We take the hassle out of selling your vehicle.

Ar Auto Exchange is services every major city in the US. One of our representatives might just be your neighbor! Selling your car with our service is a breeze. We pay more than the dealer will offer you for trade in, and we take the headache out of dealing with strangers. Safe and Secure is the AR Auto Exchange way.

What About the Competition?

We encourage you to get an offer from our direct competition! Doesn't that sound crazy? Well, when you do you'll see the difference. AR Auto Exchange gives accurate fair market offers for your vehicle. Our systems are state of the art and so is our customer service.  

How It Works

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